Why didn’t I get in?

We’ve heard the story a thousand times. Top Ranked student, Sky-High SAT scores, Student- Athlete, 100’s of Volunteer hours, Glowing Letters of Rec, Killer Essay and…Rejected.

Why? If colleges aren’t looking for that, what ARE they looking for?

At West Palm Test Prep, we’ve cracked the code. Every year our students are consistently admitted to the Nation’s Top Universities and earn MILLIONS of Dollars in Scholarships.

How to we do it? We Apply Sideways.

Applying Sideways

Our students don’t follow the “Normal” path for Test Prep and College Admissions. They Start Earlier, Work Harder, and Build Relationships with the Institutions they’re applying to.

Moreover, they do what’s best for their own growth, regardless of it’s effect on College Admissions. Regardless of the outcome, not a second is wasted.

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Until now, the only way to learn our process was to hire us directly. But. We realized we can have a MUCH larger impact by sharing our techniques with the world.

Each article in this Newsletter is written by our College Admissions Experts. We walk with you from your first SAT, to the day the Admissions Packet arrives in your mailbox.

Join us, and learn how to Apply Sideways.

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